MealSaver and ResQ became the best friends ever. Same misssion, same food to be rescued, now with the ResQ app.

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We decided it was time to stop wasting!

Our goal is simple: less waste, more respect for quality. We save good food from turning into waste, help local businesses get better results, and protect the environment. And it is our dream job.

Our mission: save the world and enjoy delicious food in the meantime.

Quality food

It’s not just that food is thrown away. It’s that much of it is well-prepared and delicious! Our offerings are not zombified chow, they’re new interesting experiences!

Less waste

A rescued meal doesn’t mean just more food, but also less of an environmental problem and less money going into waste handling.

Better local business

A meal rescued is also support for the small local businesses. More diversified restaurants, more interesting menus.

Our two origin stories, now together reducing food waste of Europe

This is our ResQ mission together. It was born out of two people’s will to combat inefficiency.

After building an innovative student recruiting company and attempting to fix our broken, unfair, and inefficient economic system for 3 years, Tuure wanted to apply his skills to solving a concrete problem where he could get markets to work with less waste and make people's lives better immediately. Meanwhile, after studying environmental engineering, Mai founded MealSaver to stop the billions of euros worth of food waste in Germany.

We found our two companies had their values aligned so well that in May 2017, we decided to join our forces. Instead of competing, we now save food together in Finland, Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands and Estonia, and continue to expand even further under the ResQ brand.

  • Mai Olesen

Our team: leading our world-saving operations

  • Oula Antere
  • Janis Englert
    Country Manager, Germany
  • Mikko Evinen
    Country Manager, Finland
  • Agnes Lindberg
    Country Manager, Sweden
  • David Kloosterboer
    Country Manager, Netherlands
  • Sauli Böhm
    Chief Marketing Officer
  • Aku-Jaakko Saukkonen
    Product Manager