Hej! Vad kul att du vill rädda mat, följ med oss till ResQ Club där kampen mot matsvinnet fortsätter och du kan ta del av alla erbjudanden.

Restaurant owner, turn surplus into value!

Find meals that otherwise would go to waste. You'll get good quality, inexpensive restaurant food and get to know new restaurants near you!

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How it works.

Easily announce surplus portions

Make offers of your unsold portions with our simple browser interface on any device.

Customers purchase directly via ResQ

ResQ Club notifies nearby users with a fitting diet. They can purchase portions directly in the app.

Customers pick up orders in person

Customers retrieve purchased portions from your venue within the time frame you have specified.

Boost your brand - Show your customers that you care about sustainability.

New customers - Get urban, young people to visit your venue.

Extra revenue - Additional income from food that would otherwise go to waste.

The provider interface requires no setup or additional equipment. It’s easy to use and completely realtime.

100% risk-free opportunity

  • 10 portions (à 5 €) sold / day
  • 7 500 € extra profit annually

Every day over 10% of prepared restaurant food is thrown away - even though it's still in top condition. ResQ prevents this food from turning into waste by making it effortless to sell it away as discounted take away meals.

Participating restaurants include

And many more...

A direct solution to food waste: already 800 portions have been resQ'd from the Meilahti Bistro alone. A real win-win situation for both the restaurant and the customer! Kirsi Asposalo, Development Manager, Restel Hotel Restaurant Services