How to use ResQ

The ResQ service is your access to top quality food at risk of being thrown away.

You can "ResQ" (purchase) food offers affordably for e.g. dinner at home or an afternoon snack at work via our app or our browser interface found at:

The main view of the ResQ app shows you nearby offers.

You receive a notification when new suitable offers are available. Make sure you have allowed notifications, so you don’t miss out.

You can purchase offers easily by clicking on the individual offer and choosing the desired quantity.

You can also view offers from a specific partner by opening that partner’s view.

Remember to pick up your order within the time specified in the offer and in the partner’s information. Food is not kept for the next day.

Depending on the partner and the portion, the portion can be hot, at room temperature, or cooled down. If the portion is cooled down, be prepared to reheat it before eating!

When fetching your offer, mention your name and what you ordered.

That’s it! Welcome to the club.